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Sunset Cabins is Kid Friendly

We wanted to share some past guest with their children from our old blog postings. We love children and families that decide to vacation with us and really wanted to highlight some of our favorite moments.

Photo Above: July 14, 2014

A July Monday morning and the kids enjoy the lake. The families arrived last Saturday and the kids have already become fast friends..

Photo Above: August 18, 2014

Getting water from the Jefferson spring is the highlight of the children's week.

Photo Above: August 8, 2014

Our young guests are done fishing for the week and are adding their worms to our garden.

Photo Above: Our guests from Pennsylvania have been coming for many years, a large extended family. They bring their boats, trampoline and a lot of good spirit!

Photo Above: Some of our young guests play golf on the swim raft

Photo Above: August 2, 2012

Grandma has been coming to the cabins for 28 years and plays giant frisbee with her granddaughter.

Photo Above:

Children always love jumping and swimming in the lake!

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